charitable foundation working Thanks to volunteers who love animals

“Dog City” used to be a pet welfare center
Dog City used to be a pet welfare center with a wide spectrum of services, but the war has changed and disrupted the lives of many people and animals. We take care for animals in Kiev and Kiev region, which remained in extremely uncomfortable conditions, and more than 100 of them have already been sent for rehabilitation abroad.
The number of animals affected by the war is growing
The number of animals affected by the war is growing. Unfortunately previously beloved pets, who had felt love and care, found themselves on the streets in miserable conditions, many of them find it very difficult to accept the fact that they were abandoned by force. For them it’s difficult to survive on their own, they are forced to seek shelter, food and protection. Today they need your help right now!
we were forced to become charitable foundation
We can not pass through those that require help. However,  our own resources are not enough to help each and every victim or abandoned pet, so we were compelled to become a Charity Fund. We love and dedicate our lives to animals and believe that together with you we will save life of every pet, which was abandoned by force! Let's make Ukraine and the World better!

OUR Victories

Neuter surgeries performed
relocated to Europe
pets HAS found a new home
tons of food provided
Gaved medical treatment