Incredible story of Balto

This story is incredible, and you will surely understand why it’s the first one we’ll tell.

The woman who found Balto took great care of him. She brought him to the veterinarian, gave him spa procedures and even a passport (which is crucial in our times)- all this was given to to our fluffy friend 🌈 When the possibility to move him to Europe appeared, due to the current owners inability to care for him for the rest of her life, she brought him to us for the evacuation.

While taking care of him in Dog City, we noticed him having the tendency of repeating useless actions over and over, but what really made it difficult was his untrustworthiness to humans.

But surely we wouldn’t be ourselves if we wouldn’t have found a solution! Since of course- knowledge is power. After some of our walks, he started acting well, he ate, slept and only got worried at night when he would walk around and bark a bit.

On the day of his evacuation, there were no signs of anything bad happening, everything went according to plan and only after, right on the border, Balto ran away.

4 hours, all those that were present in the evacuation and even some custom officers were trying to catch him. Throughout the time he would come up to people from the back to sniff but didn’t let anyone touch him. He didn’t even go into any buildings, even though we opened up a barn for him.

We were shocked and concerned, but didn’t find any other option rather than to leave all his stuff- cage, sleeping mat, food and toys with the custom officers on the border… There he was fed, watched over, and taken care of, we even got photos of his well-being!

We are tremendously, eternally gratefully to our kind and fair protectors! They decided that Balto wants to work on border control and were willing to continue to take care of him, they even gave him a nickname- “Officer”, can you even imagine 💔 after 1,5 days we finally managed to find a person who caught Balto.

With every new dilemma we faced, we were surprised over and over by the amount of kindhearted people who were there to help in a tough situation. Balto went to his temporary home in Uzhgorod since a family in Europe was still waiting for him. Lucy (lucy_vana) was ready to go from Prague all the way to Uzhgorod for him, but sadly covid is still an issue, even though all of us forgot about it. Since there was no place to keep him, we had to find a new place for him for a week.

Balto was extremely worried, he was constantly growling and even bit someone, but despite everything he was loved. They got to love him so much that… they didn’t want to give him away to Europe! These people were extremely worried for the trip, and if Balto would be able to handle another journey. We thank the attention and care that was given to him, everything is possible!

However, this was not the end.

A bit later we found out that his passport was nowhere to be found, and since we didn’t have connection for a while, we were sure that he was going to stay a border patrol dog…

Nonetheless, his temporary family decided to trust Sandra, and we came to a consensus so that they brought Balto to a meeting spot. He got there well, and his passport cam an hour after. From there he was once again sent to the border. This time he didn’t try to escape, we even moved him from one carrier to a bigger one. This trip went smoothly, now he has found his home with a dog trainer in the Czech Republic, who lives in a very cozy and calm place with wonderful nature, where he is very beautiful. This is how the fate of the baby during the war was so unusual.